The Philarmónica Orchestra of Lisbon is a project that moves the desire to make and disseminate the great symphonic music.


It is the result of the idea to form an orchestra in which its entirety meet regularly to touch, for the pleasure of making music, developing the instrumental practice, the camaraderie, the sharing of experience, the passion for symphonic music by the will of prepare and perform concerts.


Its mission is to welcome musicians who have the desire to make music in orchestral context, governed by the demand and looking for an indisputable quality performance, trying to earn distinction for the orchestra, for their players and their supporters.


Calls on all that - knowing music - have ambition, determination, cultural solidarity and toughness needed to play their role in this Symphony Orchestra.


Continues, permanently, to seek membership of more musicians (professional, amateur, ex-musicians) to achieve ever more fully. For this, and regularly twice a year, OPhL opens its doors to new elements, for reinforcement suits.


Support us, spreading the OPhL and watching our concerts.


Thank you!


PS: If you want to be informed about the date of the next hearing tests for entry of musicians in OPhL, please send us your details to correio@ophl.eu.



24 Set. | 21:30

Opening Concert Maestro Martin Elmquist


Fórum Lisboa

25 Nov. | 21:30

Évora's 30th anniversary, as UNESCO Patrimony


Teatro Garcia Resende

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Miguel Madaleno

Resident Maestro

Paulo Duarte

Resident Maestro

Francisco Navarro Lara

Honorary Maestro

Martin Elmquist

Honorary Maestro